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Onyva Racing was established in 2019 with the objective to provide young and existing talents a pathway to the top level of the sport. We lead our team with a clear vision to become a registered UCI pro team in 2025. It is a 5 year plan that incorporates ongoing development of riders, our organisation and network of trusted partners. It’s an ambitious vision that helps inspire our broader team while setting a clear direction for our partners. We progress on our path to success with an ‘act responsible’ philosophy and a firm commitment to make a difference, inspire and motivate people to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. We race to win – but do so with a purpose stretching beyond just ourselves and cycling.



Act responsibly is our philosophy and guiding principal. We strive to be successful through an integrated team approach focusing on our people and culture, how we engage with partners and our community. Our vision is our top priority and winning helps motivate and strengthen our teams confidence and ability to achieve our long-term objectives. However some goals are achieved off the bike through our strong team culture, our united partners and the community. Our focus is therefore not only to win races on the bike but also through a broad holistic approach deeply founded in our philosophy.

Morten Soerensen | Team Manager

Welcome to Onyva Racing and our virtual playground. We are excited with the opportunity to represent some of the most talented riders across ANZ and we take pride in being supported by organisations that support the sport – but also the work we do off the bike to help people in need or those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


We provide young and existing talents a safe environment and a platform to grow, while pursuing a career at the top level of the sport. Through coaching and personal development, we support every rider on their individual journey and provide a path that is aligned with our broader team and goals. We foster a strong culture through our core values and push for true matesmanship on and off the bike. Planning for future success also includes a life after racing and we support education and encourage our riders to be considerate and thoughtful in general.



We aim to partner with brands and organisations that are actively engaged in promoting a healthy lifestyle, want to be associated with or have a passion for the sport and a proposition that can or will benefit our community. We want to build partnerships with organisations that are excited about the journey we have embarked on and feel intrigued to join us. We want to unite a group of reliable, trusted partners that can support our growth, want to engage and actively take part in creating and shaping a future together.



We want to inspire our community through riding and racing and create a curiosity and interest for cycling and a vigorous lifestyle. We are committed to support a new generation of cyclists through inclusion and activation on and off the bike. We are equally committed to promote better well-being through nutritional adoption and better dietary habits, while inspiring people to make choices leading to a healthier and more active lifestyle. By acting responsibly, we hope to lead the way and function as a role model for our broader community.


What our partners and riders say

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We lead with a clear vision: To become UCI Pro Level in 2025! While our vision is very ambitious – as it should be – it provides our broader team, our partners and community with a long-term business goal and team objective that sets a direction, inspires us and helps the team to focus and prioritise through a series of stages. Our vision is our motivation to make a difference and to be part of something bigger than just ourselves.




To progress through success is our mission and a framework defining how we transform and succeed with our vision. It is an action-based mission developing the team through progression and pre-planned events and milestones. Our mission incorporates achievements on the road, organisational maturity and financial stability.




If you connect with our way of thinking, feel inspired and are looking for an opportunity to make a difference we are likely riding in the same direction. Whether you are a young talented or existing elite rider rider, a brand owner or an organisation we would love to connect and see if we can shape a future together.

Please visit our join us page to read more about options as a partner, rider or volunteer or take a shortcut here:

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If you consider volunteering we would love to connect with you and start a dialog with you as well. Please send us a message using our standard contact page and we will get back to you soon.