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While we are still establishing ourselves as an organisation we are also building our team foundation for our present and long term success. We are engaging with riders all year and it is important for us to stay close to the young, new and existing talents surfacing and racing local club races, state, national and international events. We hope to cross your path as well and that we get a chance to touch base, hear your story and aspiration.

You might know some of our riders already or you have read about our team approach, people and culture, partners and how we strive to make a difference, engage and create inclusion for our community. We are very ambitious, but equally considerate and the ability to balance a winning mentality with our philosophy: Act responsible is what defines our team and riders. We are opinionated and wearing our maroon jerseys is a commitment that goes beyond racing!

If you connect with our way of thinking and consider sending through you expression of interest don’t hold back. We want to start a dialog and explorer our opportunity together.

Morten Soerensen | Team Manager

We are exited and look forward to the 2022 season already and hope to see some new strong faces joining our existing team and partners.



Winning is critical to progress on our path to achieve our vision for 2025. However we also know that our long term success comes from a framework focusing on riders in different stages of their development. Therefore we also take a broad and diverse approach to rider on-boarding and our focus is not only to sign existing elite riders winning but also to engage young talented rider that are exploring their talent and looking for a safe platform to unfold.


While we are not yet geared to run an U19 development squad we are focused on supporting young riders and help them maintain motivation and aspiration to join our team as an U23 rider. Therefore we also encourage you to get in touch if you are U19 and have ambitions to progress to elite level and further. We might have the option to support you as an ambassador through our partners and help define a path leading onto our team when you are ready.


If you are an U23 rider and you are looking for a new team or a platform to develop further, gain more confidence or team experience we would be excited to hear from you and discuss options to shape a future together. Our framework cater for riders with different skill levels and experience so don’t hold yourself back doubting your capabilities. We can’t guarantee everyone a spot – but we will provide everyone with a constructive recommendation on how best to progress and what is required to re-engage with us if we can’t connect the dots just now.


Existing elite riders form an important part of our present journey and how we progress on our path to success. It is through our staff and elite riders we pass experience and knowledge to our younger riders and it is critical that we jointly feel comfortable taking a mentoring role to help progress and professionalise our team and approach to racing. You are likely at a stage in your riding career looking for an opportunity to step-up and shine in a specific role that is not currently available in your existing team construct. You might also be at the backend of your career feeling exhausted and looking for an opportunity to give back to the sport and rising talents before winding down and stepping off the bike. Independent of your current situation we want to get in touch and see how we can support your next step towards the top level of the sport or career post riding. Please do not hesitate. Reach out to us for a dialog.



Provide us your details and we will get back in touch. We appreciate your interest at this stage and look forward to connect.

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