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You don’t have to pay to be a Friend Of Onyva Racing. We are – and always will be an approachable team focusing on our community as a top priority.

The sport however is experiencing a regression across Australia and combined with Covid-19 plus ongoing market disruption, it has impacted businesses widely and their ability to support the sport and growing teams like Onyva Racing.

We have been encouraged to approach our community to seek support from people like yourself, who have a passion for the sport and actively wants to contribute to our work and the journey we are on.

Therefore we have taken the initiative to form Friend Of Onyva Racing, which is open to everyone who can spare anything from $10 and above to help get our riders on the road. Friend Of Onyva Racing is an opportunity for individuals to contribute and take part in shaping the future of the team, our talented riders and the sport.

Our ambition for 2023 is threefold.

1. We want to continue our development work with young U19 riders and give them the opportunity to grow in a safe environment amongst Elite riders.

2. We want to continue supporting AUS Cycling and the National Road Series.

3. With the budget needed, we want to register as a UCI Continental team and participate in the Asian Tour. It is an opportunity for the team to grow and mature for further endeavors. It is also an opportunity to give our valued business partners broader exposure across the region and position Australian cycling for what it truly is – a nation of talented riders.

Being transparent, we are looking for $150,000 for the 2023 season, which we hope to raise amongst our friends and supporting business partners. (become a business partner)

Friends Of Onyva Racing is the early initiative of what we hope will be a social network of passionate individuals that can get together on and off the bike or meet at races for a day of cheering, some sunshine and hopefully celebrations together with the team.

As a contributing friend, you will get access to newsletters and be kept in the loop of everything happening across the team. We will also plan quarterly social rides across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and in conjunction with major races (Australia-wide) invite you to come meet and ride with the team. Friends with a $60 or bigger contribution will also receive a Friends of Onyva Racing T-shirt, which hopefully will add some colour and support to the riders at the start and finish lines across the 2023 season.

Please bear with us. We don’t have everything planned out yet and the initiative is a work in progress. However, with our growing network of business partners supporting the team, we also work towards offering our friends access to team products at discounted rates.

Please join Friend Of Onyva Racing today and help grow our flourishing team community. For compliance and to keep track of your support, we have set up a GoFundMe page, which can be found here:

Please send us an email with you name and email address. Add subject: Friends of Onyva Racing. We will get back in touch shortly and get you added to our group of friends 🙂

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Morten Soerensen | Team Manager

Building a team and provide our riders with a sustainable base year after year require us to think out of the box. Friends Of Onyva Racing is about strengthening the community around the team – but also providing support to keep our riders on the road. Our community is what keeps us going!